Turgut Uyar




for it was something like living, what she did
like a foal without a mother, ecstatic, and blue
she'd graze on the peace of the evening

every morning she'd set sail, eat an apple
the blue in the apple, and the crazy
you'd feel in your mouth once you closed your eyes

don't look at your hands
for it's snowing
crazy, and blue

should think about big cities and relax
how everything is mixed up in mean ways
laundry and soap in different neighborhoods
the square at the end of the hour
ahead, the end of the water
it's tough to live like this, of course, I understand
crazy, and blue

now walking among us
as a blood red mood
as an autumn from the east to the west
suffering, like beasts of burden,
those who have nothing
crazy when afraid, blue when in love

the snow stopped
for real
you can look at your hands now


Translated from Turkish by Mustafa Ziyalan

-{ana sayfa}{marmara}{trambolin}-