Mustafa Ziyalan




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In the Jeffersonville, Johnson, Morrisville area
there is a bookstore we (I, Elvan, Sinan and Pınar Yeşiloğlu) like.
It is in Morrisville, Vermont.
It is called Brick House Book Shop.

The shop is open all year, Tuesday-Saturday 2:00 p.m.-5 p.m.
Its owner, Alexandra Heller, is there every time we visit.
She promised us to be there forever.
She also makes sculptures.
I hope she'll be able to keep her promise!

Here is the information you need to drop by,
if you have the time and inclination:

Alexandra Heller
Brick House Book Shop
6322 Morristown Corners Road, Morrisville, Vermont 05661

Tel.: (802) 888-4300
E-mail: brick house@vtlink.net

Well, do yourself a favor
and drop by Farah's Kitchen in Johnson, also,
when in the area!

All the best!


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